“People Hacker” on Social Engineering & Cyber Security


On Wednesday, September 15th we were joined for an exclusive webinar at 10am BST/11am CET, by ethical social engineer Jenny Radcliffe as she provided a rare look at how she breaches physical and human layers of security in her role as a "people hacker."

Jenny is no criminal. She’s hired by organizations to expose the flaws in their security systems through people centric, no-tech tactics which are responsible for up to 95% of security breaches worldwide. With cybersecurity attacks continuing to grab headlines, she helps groups worldwide better understand how to protect against attacks, scams, and cons of all kinds placing humans at the heart of organizational defences, rather than seeing people as the so-called "weakest link" in security.

Jenny’s tales of breaking through supposedly impenetrable security systems using psychological techniques such as manipulation, persuasion, and influence are thrilling and terrifying in equal measure- we are all potential victims! Attendees got a rare look into how cybercriminals think, as well as tips, advice, and strategies on how to mitigate and counter methods used by the real criminals to exploit corporate and individual targets. 

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