2020 Events Plan V: Virtually Meeting


Every day we talk with clients about their plan B and their plan C for live events that have been cancelled, put on hold or pushed out to later dates. Many of them are now choosing to go with plan V: the virtual meeting. As you are researching your options and thinking through the event experience you are likely encountering more questions than ever and find yourself comparing apples with oranges. With events moving from in-person to virtual, your organization is counting on you to make smart decisions and lead this transition. What are the key questions you should be focused on?

Join Leading Authorities for the webinar: 2020 Events: Plan V (Virtually Meeting), where we'll help you navigate through this uncertain time and provide actionable tips and advice to pivot your upcoming event to a virtual one.

Panelists Include:

  • Kate Burns, Senior Vice President, Marketing & Chief Experience Officer
  • James Favata, Senior Creative Director, LAI Video
  • Helena Lehman, Senior Vice President, LAI Video & LAI Live
  • Shannon Semler, Vice President, LAI Live

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