Jeff Skiles of “Sully” on Preparedness & Fate

Are you looking for an inspirational speaker with an incredible, true story? Jeff Skiles will keep your audience on the edge of their seats, share lessons about preparedness, teamwork, and risk, and have guests talking about your event for days and even weeks to come.

We are all familiar with the “Miracle on the Hudson.” Next week, the “Sully” movie starring Tom Hanks and Aaron Eckhart (as First Officer Skiles) hits theaters. But for a real, unfiltered look at what actually happened, plus what it takes to maintain calm confidence under pressure from someone who’s done it, Skiles is a top choice.

Skiles is also a gifted speaker: On stage, he recalls what it was like to be in the cockpit of the plane as it plummeted to the Earth and then glided into the Hudson River. Humor also plays a big part of his talks… A recent client said that he opened with the one liner, “Sully and I may be the most experienced pilot team to have ever crashed a plane.”

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