Top Motivational/Inspirational Speakers for Europe

Energize your audience with motivational stories that inspire peak performance. Our renowned motivational speakers are leaders in sports, business, the military, and more, and they share standing-ovation-worthy stories about pushing past limits, overcoming adversity, and thriving in challenging environments. Leading Authorities, Inc. speakers bureau represents the motivational speaker or the inspirational speaker who is the right mix of entertaining and educational for your group. The insights and stories from these motivational speakers are so engaging that they stay with audiences long after the keynote is over.
  • Sarah Robb O’Hagan, Former CEO of Flywheel Sports, Former President of Gatorade, and Former Marketing Director at Nike
  • Tim Peake, First British Astronaut to the International Space Station
  • Ben Saunders, World-record breaking polar explorer and repeat TED speaker
  • Sebastian Terry, Best-Selling Author of 100 Things, TV Host, and Motivational Speaker
  • Erik Weihenmayer World-class blind adventurer and author
  • John Grotzinger Chief scientist and head of strategic planning for Mars rover mission



Former CEO of Flywheel Sports, Former President of Gatorade, and Former Marketing Director at Nike

Sarah Robb O’Hagan became one of the most powerful and successful women in sports. But, in her late 20s, she was fired twice—back to back. High-energy and known for shaking up conferences with her motivational messaging, Sarah shares stories from her own life to illustrate why turning failure into fuel for success is the most powerful skill to have in business and in life. Plus, she touches on why taking risks and “crashing” more is what led to her vital personal development.


First British Astronaut to the International Space Station

The first British astronaut to the International Space Station, Tim Peake shares his unique insights on leadership, fear, risk management, motivation, and collaboration that his incredible career as an astronaut has afforded him. Delighting groups with fascinating stories and breathtaking photographs of life in space, he draws on his out-of-this-world experiences to inspire audiences with his recipe for mission success and Peak(e) performance.


World-record breaking polar explorer and repeat TED speaker

World record-breaking polar explorer, Ben Saunders, often says “Impossible is just someone else’s opinion.” A three-time TED speaker, he is the only person ever successfully complete the 1,800-mile trek unsupported from the edge of Antarctica to the South Pole and back. Charming and witty, Ben’s stories of excruciating physical endurance, run-ins with polar bears, and pushing past doubt move audiences to push themselves and rethink their abilities. 


Best-Selling Author of 100 Things, TV Host, and Motivational Speaker

Known worldwide for pursuing a list of 100 Things he wants to achieve before he dies, Sebastian Terry’s story is surprisingly not about a bucket list. It’s about permission, choice, growth, and connection. A journey turned best-selling book, Discovery Channel documentary, and reality TV show, Sebastian’s action-packed story leaves audiences inspired and motivated to alter their mindset, benefit from change, create opportunities, and help others to achieve what they’ve always wanted.


World-class blind adventurer and author, first blind person in history to reach the summit of Mount Everest

Despite losing his vision at age 14, he is an accomplished climber, paraglider, skier, and kayaker who never allows blindness interfere with his passion for pursuing an exhilarating and fulfilling life. Erik brings audiences a powerful message about harnessing the power of adversity as fuel for greatness, emphasizing the importance of building a strong “Rope Team,” and illuminating how to develop a “No Barriers Mindset.” Exclusively represented by Leading Authorities speakers bureau, Erik’s talks resonate with diverse audiences from graduating college students to large sales teams to CEOs of Fortune 500 companies.


Chief scientist and head of strategic planning for Mars rover mission

Dr. John Grotzinger is the chief scientist and head of strategic science planning for NASA’s $2.5 billon Curiosity rover mission to Mars, which riveted the country with its dare-devil landing and remains the most complex spacecraft to ever land and operate on the surface of another planet. He received NASA’s prestigious Outstanding Public Leadership Medal for the unprecedented success of the mission, and Popular Mechanics named him No. 2 on its list of “10 Innovators who Changed the World.”  Exclusively represented by Leading Authorities speakers bureau, Grotzinger discusses strategic planning, motivating and leading teams working under intense pressure, and the need to take on a “grand challenge” while sharing awe-inspiring and cutting-edge stories. Grotzinger combines tales of adventure and discovery with lessons in leadership, consensus building, and novel applications of technology that is literally out of this world.


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With our expansive roster of motivational keynote speakers, we’ll find a speaker that fits your event like a glove. Looking for a motivational speaker who’s an Olympic medalist to talk about the limits they pushed past to stand on the podium? Check. How about a motivational celebrity speaker to discuss the adversity they overcame in the industry? Or an adventurer who’s been to the farthest reaches of the globe? Check and check.

No matter the motivational speaker topics you’re interested in, Leading Authorities can help.

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