UK SAS Commander on Covert Operations and Motivating Teams

Major Mike Lynch is a British Special Forces veteran who commanded covert indigenous special operations programmes in Iraq and Afghanistan. Battling against some of the world’s most savage organisations, he led the charge in countering terrorism and insurgencies with ingenuity and guile. His development and direction of secret forces, many of them still in operation today, is testament to his unique and unconventional style of leadership – a pure blend of understanding, tenacity, bravery, and humility.

In presentations based on his actual life experiences, he describes what he learned from years of recruiting, training, and deploying the UK’s most elite forces, sharing stories about what it takes to select, motivate, and lead teams on the frontlines and against the odds.

Lynch’s unique story, travels, and experiences make for fascinating listening. His views on leadership are as original as they are motivational and his talks are gripping, funny, and moving. He also insists on “no holds barred” Q&A sessions and positively encourages audience discussion and debate on all aspects of his highly secretive operations.

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