Five New Speakers Available Now

We want to make you aware of five fantastic new speakers we’ve recently added to the Leading Authorities talent roster. They’re all available for speaking engagements now:

  1. Elena Corchero: An award-winning designer, tech innovator, and TED speaker, Elena works on product development for major organisations such as the London Olympics, BBC, and Hugo Boss. Her speeches champion women in technology and smart consumerism.
  2. Lars Hamberg: Lars operates at the intersection of big data and the financial services industry, and offers an outspoken and direct talk on how technology will transform financial markets.
  3. Pete Goss: An adventurer and one of few world travellers to single-handedly sail the globe, Pete’s been awarded an MBE, and offers inspiring talks on leadership and peak performance.
  4. Adam Kingl: An executive director at London Business School, Adam focuses on how generational shifts will alter the nature of work and leadership—and offers advice for maintaining powerful teamwork throughout disruption.
  5. Perry McCarthy: An ex-Formula One Driver and the original “Stig” on BBC’s Top Gear, quick-witted Perry is known for turning “a no-hope situation in to some sort of triumph” and his “whatever it takes” mentality.

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