Local Speakers For Asia

Leading Authorities represents many speakers based in Asia who speak on topics ranging from leadership and international business to economics and innovation. Below are some of our most popular:

Leadership Speakers

  • David Lim led the first Singapore Mount Everest expedition. He delivers unforgettable talks on leadership and bouncing back from setbacks
  • Kevin Asbjörnson is a composer, pianist, and author of The Artistry of Leadership. He explores leadership through the idea that high-impact leaders have a lot in common with artists.

International Business Speaker

  • Shaun Rein is the author of the best-selling book The End of Cheap China. He details the cultural and economic trends that affect doing business in China.

Business Strategy Speakers

  • Ron Kaufman is an expert at building service cultures and the author of Uplifting Service! His focus on results and practical action is distilled into proven methodologies.
  • Brenda Bence is an international branding expert who helps build loyalty and trust for businesses. She was responsible for marketing some of the world’s biggest-selling brands.

Innovation Speaker

  • Fredrik Haren is the founder of interesting.org and has quickly become one of the most talked-about names in creativity. He shares insights on innovative thinking.

Economics Speaker

  • Ilian Mihov is the professor of economics at INSEAD Singapore and renowned for his expertise in monetary and fiscal policy and economic growth.

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