Speakers on Chinese Economy

What does Chinese economic power mean for you and your clients’ business interests? These three speakers are experts on the world’s second-largest economy and are available to offer their knowledge on its China’s development, recent setbacks, and impact on regional and global economic and business trends. 

Vijay Vaitheeswaran is an award-winning correspondent and China business editor for the Economist and the author of Need, Speed and Greed. On the frontlines of global business, he shares insights on whether China has what it takes to transform from the cheap workshop of the world into a leader of cutting-edge innovation.

Jeffrey Garten’s view is from the intersection of global politics, economics, investment, and financial markets. A former Wall Street executive, university dean, and undersecretary of commerce for international trade, and the author of From Silk to Silicon, he brings a varied background as he sets out a range of scenarios for China and its business interests over the medium term.

Joe Studwell is the best-selling author of Multinationals in ChinaHow Asia WorksAsian Godfathers, and The China Dream. He has lived and worked in China, and he served as editor-in-chief of the China Economic QuarterlyThe Financial Times said that he “redefined the debate on the nature of the China market” and that he “should be named chief myth-buster for Asian business.”

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