Best-selling Yahoo VP in Asia

We wanted to let you know that Salim Ismail will be in China for an event at the end of this month. Salim is a former Yahoo! VP, the executive director of Singularity University, founder of ExO Works, and one of this year’s top-selling speakers in the U.S. While in Asia, his fees will be reduced.

According to a major client who booked Salim last year, “Salim was one of our highest rated Keynote speakers to date. Our attendees have many opportunities to meet and hear exceptional speakers and are not easily impressed. To say that Salim blew their minds would be an understatement—he challenged them and led them to think about their businesses in a new light.”

Salim is the best-selling author of Exponential Organizations, which looks at the new breed of businesses scaling 10 times faster than established companies. His talk reviews the characteristics of these “exponential organizations” and draws on five internal and external strategies that spur growth to provide audiences with a tailored action plan for moving forward.

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