Hamish Taylor on Innovation, Leadership, and Customer Focus

With a CV that The Times in London said “takes some beating,” Hamish Taylor is an award winning CEO whose career has taken him from international consumer goods giant Procter and Gamble to consultancy firm Price Waterhouse to British Airways, and then on to become CEO of the channel tunnel railway Eurostar and finally CEO of Sainsbury’s Bank.

In all cases, he left behind a record of significant business growth triggered by a willingness to challenge the normal way of doing things – so much so that his advice is now sought by companies all over the world in a vast range of industries. In the past five years, his leadership stories and advice have been sought in over 40 countries.

In all cases, he received outstanding testimonials from clients based on his track record, enthusiastic and humorous presentation style, and the practical nature of his real-life examples (incorporating his experienced advice and tools for application). 

Hamish’s messages are relevant to both organisations and teams looking for breakthroughs in customer focus (both internal and external), innovation, or leadership/performance.

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