Inspiration from the Man Shot 14 Times

How can anybody take 14 bullets, lie there for three hours and survive? Derrick McManus did and his story is both astonishing and inspiring. 

Derrick was an Australian Police Sniper, Diver and Counter-Terrorist operative when he was shot 14 times while attempting the arrest of a high-risk offender. He was then left lying on the ground for three hours before he could be rescued. Doctors don’t know how he lived and predicted he would never return to work. But he defied all the odds

In his speech he describes how to respond decisively and positively to challenges, decision-making, taking action under pressure and leading teams in high-risk and uncertain periods. These are, he says, the way to ensure the difference between success and failure.

Derrick’s is a truly amazing story and if you would like to check a date for availability or ask about fees, please complete the form below.

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