Speakers on the Importance of Teamwork

Teamwork. We all know it is a good thing, but how to best achieve it? Inspiring confidence, cohesion and targets among teams is one of our most in-demand topics and I’d like to introduce some of our speakers whose experiences have transformed the unlikely to the achievable and the seemingly impossible to roaring successes.

Cath Bishop, Olympic rower and career diplomat. World championship rowing and international diplomacy each require teamwork at the highest levels. Understanding interdependency and collaboration are just as essential to business success as they are to sport and international relations. Cath has experience at the top of both fields and describes how the teamwork they achieve translates into business success.

Mike Lynch's Building Teams behind the Lines
is a talk based on real life experiences of recruiting, training and deploying covert operations forces behind enemy lines around the globe. Fighting some of the most savage organisations, Mike Lynch was at the forefront of counter insurgency for over a decade. Now retired, he shares his insight into what it takes to select, motivate and lead teams against the odds.

Ben Saunders, polar explorer and TED speaker. Ben examines themes such as challenging conventional wisdom, team communication, and testing your sense of self-belief (which he believes gets stronger the more you use it). Through his transformative journeys across the North and South Poles, he shows audiences how to fully commit to a vision in order to maximize their chance of success and offers tips on training, preparedness, and teamwork.

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