Meet Rio 2016 Gold Medal Winner, Alex Gregory

Have you ever met an Olympic champion? Or held an Olympic gold medal in your hand? Nor had we until we met double gold medalist rower Alex Gregory. And now you can also meet him, hear his incredible story. And he will bring along his gold medals.

Alex has an amazing story of how he overcame repeated disappointment, how a decade of failures and disasters took him to the very edge of his belief and how with determination and tenacity he became a winner in London 2012 and Rio 2016

This story really hits a nerve with everybody as he describes how a failure to make the grade for the Beijing Olympics made him totally rethink his training and approach. Perfect for any audience where a motivational message is required, his very recent story of five world championships and two Olympic Golds is an inspiration to all.

He can tailor his talk to your audience but his topics include:

  • The importance of setting true goals - Everyone sets goals, but what do they really mean?
  • Dealing with pressure - Alex has sat on the start line of two Olympic finals. A home Olympics and Rio this summer where anything but Gold would have been an abject failure. Alex talks openly and honestly about his methods of coping with and performing under pressure in these make or break situations.
  • Creating the ultimate you. Who do you want to be and why aren’t you there yet? Alex talks about how he learned to step back, truly look at himself and become the person he needed to become in order to achieve his goals.

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