Sir Nicholas Houghton on Geopolitics and Leadership

General Sir Nick Houghton was the UK Chief of the Defence Staff until this summer. As the most senior position in the British military, he has been at the centre of the global security environment for many years and is now available to share his experience and insight.

In a geo-political context defined by uncertainty and instability, and with an unrivalled and very recent background in military leadership, General Houghton can discuss the causes of global conflict, the likely sources of future disputes and how these are likely to impact investment and business globally.

Also, as head of the UK military he has unique experience in leading a huge and disparate group of individuals. This role involves high-level political liaison and the ability to manage up as well as down.

In his view, “the fundamental drivers of human behaviour have not changed much in a thousand years, but are submissive to intelligent leadership.” He is able to apply the skills, discipline and characteristics of military strategy and motivation to the modern business environment.

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