"All Out War:" The Story of Brexit

The UK’s decision to exit the EU is one of the biggest upheavals in modern British history. How did it happen and what does the result mean? Leading Authorities speaker and Sunday Times Political Editor Tim Shipman is writing the definitive account on this momentous event and is available to speak on his unrivalled insight behind the forthcoming book, which is to be called “All out War.”

Scheduled for an October release, the book chronicles events from David Cameron's efforts to secure a new deal with Brussels though the referendum campaign and the explosive fallout in both major UK political parties.

It will reveal in lively and unprecedented detail the relationships, rivalries and infighting between David Cameron, Boris Johnson, Michael Gove and George Osborne and how Nigel Farage capitalised on these differences to help steer the country towards Brexit.
He has already conducted more than 50 interviews that offer brand new insights from key players and their closest aides. It will also answer the question about why “Leave” won and what it all means for Britain.

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