New Footage of Wing-Suit Pilot Joby Ogwyn in Action

Legendary wing-suit pilot Joby Ogwyn is no stranger to Mount Everest. In 1999, he became the youngest American to summit the infamous mountain, and in 2008 he broke the world record for fastest climb by completing the ascent in nine and a half hours. 

In this just-released Mastercard commercial, audiences fly alongside Joby as he base jumps out of a helicopter suspended high above snow-tipped mountains in his trademark wingsuit.

Joby’s speeches are awe-inspiring and energizing, and his message of fully committing to a vision in order to succeed resonates with audiences worldwide.

One client said of Joby, “You could have heard a pin drop when he was speaking … We had to pry him out because there were so many questions and people wanting to meet him!”

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