High Profile US Tech Speaker Travelling

We wanted to let you know that a new speaker named Shawn DuBravac is travelling in Europe in October and Asia in December. His speaking fees will be reduced while he is here.

Shawn discusses the impact technology will have on the way we will all live and work over the next 10 years and how the much talked-about “internet of things” has so much potential to affect business.

Shawn is the chief economist and senior director of research for the US Consumer Technology Association (CTA)—the association behind the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. His speeches are fun and gadget-filled but also really get you to rethink current business models and debate important questions including:

  • What will be digitized next?
  • What experimental technology (i.e. the Apple watch, personal robotics) will be meaningful over the next five to seven years?
  • What new apps and inventions will change the way we talk to each other and do business?

His talks are also highly tailored. For example, a recent talk with an insurance company touched upon the possible risks and rewards of driverless cars. Here’s recent footage of Shawn speaking:

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