Former Apple Exec on Innovation

We are very pleased to announce that LAI is now working with highly-accomplished former Kodak and Apple executive Don Strickland, who is the mind behind the world’s first consumer digital camera.

As Apple’s Vice President of Imaging and Publishing, Don led the development of Apple from traditional print publishing to “new media” including music, video, and online. After Apple, he became a successful Silicon Valley entrepreneur, founding and eventually selling the startup PictureWorks Technology.

His speeches are full of insider stories and boardroom anecdotes from someone who’s “done it,” plus lessons for thriving in a time of unprecedented disruption and embracing change before it makes you irrelevant.

His speech topics include:

  • How to Build a Really Great Company: Choose culture, strategy or innovation - and get it right!
  • The Exponential Business Model: The new generation of business model is all about change, and lots of it!
  • Leadership 3.0: Creating Values, Trust and Teamwork.



Don spends around half the time based in London so has good availability in Europe.

If you would like more information about Don's availability or fees, please complete the form below.

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