Astronaut Leroy Chiao in Singapore

Many of our clients are looking for a speaker who can discuss taking smart risks and finding innovative solutions to old problems. We highly recommend Mandarin-speaking American astronaut Dr. Leroy Chiao for these topics. He will be in Singapore next month and is accepting dates with reduced fees at that time.
Between his three Space Shuttle flights and his time living at and leading the international space station, Dr. Chiao has spent seven months of his life in space. His talk is full of adventure, futuristic technology, and breath-taking photos. Your audience will walk away with not only jaw-dropping stories but also leadership and strategy lessons that apply to any industry about:

  • Preparedness - how to “train like you fly and fly like you train”
  • Maintaining “situational awareness” despite crisis
  • Asking for help (without abdicating control)
  • Anticipating actions … and being ready to act when you need to
For more information about on Dr. Leroy Chiao's availability and fees, please complete the form below. 

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