Leadership expert on disruption, trust and agility

According to leadership expert Blaire Palmer, the job of leaders is to maintain the highest pace of change that an organisation and the people within it can stand.
Based on 17 years of working with boards and senior team leaders as a coach and “agent provocateur,” Blaire shares future trends in leadership against the backdrop of a world in flux.
Blaire is a former BBC journalist and a teamwork and change management expert. She’s the author of three books on work culture. Her new book, Punks in Suits–The Future of Leadership in a Bossless World, will be out later this year.
Blaire is warm and inviting but also thought-provoking and will challenge your understanding of leadership, teamwork, and company culture. Watch Blaire discuss leadership here.
She’s accepting dates to speak on:

  • Becoming an “agile” workplace
  • Rethinking strategy to make room for disruption
  • Working with employees to overcome a “crisis of trust” in leadership
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