War Photographer Rick Findler Speaking

For the last six years, photojournalist Rick Findler has travelled to six countries facing the worst violence the world has seen in a generation: Syria, Iraq, Somalia, Burundi, Bahrain, and Libya.
After being smuggled into Syria, confronting ISIS in Iraq, and watching innocent children face brutal warfare and crippling poverty in Somalia, Findler is now back in London and available to showcase his brilliant photography and jaw-dropping stories.
Rick’s most recent exhibition “Six Years Six Conflicts” was on display this past autumn in London and was received quite well. His speeches are moving and heart-pounding, and impart thought-provoking takeaways for any audience interested in current events and geopolitics.
Rick is a real treat at events and always a hit with audiences. Please fill out the form below if you are interested in learning more about him.

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