Top British Airways, Eurostar Exec. on Fueling Growth

With an award-winning record of driving innovation and growth, Hamish Taylor is the former head of Brands at British Airways, former CEO of Eurostar, and former CEO of Sainsbury’s Bank. In each role, he left behind a legacy of significant growth and turnaround triggered by a willingness to challenge the status quo and place the customer at the core of strategy and branding.

Taylor’s talks are high-energy and impactful, leaving audiences with anecdotes about:

  • Creating and living by a Customer Promise – a change in the very definition of your business from a description of your expertise to a statement of customer benefit
  • Looking outside your environment for “breakthrough thinking,” an approach Hamish used in all of his roles to improve customer service (for instance, at British Airways, he drew on Disney theme park strategies and at Sainsbury’s he turned to rugby referees)
  • Using great communication to produce a ruthless simplicity that communicates goals, strategies, and leadership models across an organisation
Hamish’s messages are relevant to both organisations and teams looking for breakthroughs in customer focus (both internal and external), innovation, or leadership/performance.

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