UK innovation speaker in Asia Pacific

Are you looking for an expert speaker who can discuss the “inner game” of business change – how to develop an organization that draws on exceptional leadership, cohesive company culture, and a clearly-outlined purpose in order to breed innovation?
Nick Seneca Jankel is an award-winning disruption expert who has worked with brands synonymous with innovation including Disney, Microsoft, and Nike, to name a few. He will be in the Asia-Pacific in August and accepting dates at a reduced fee at that time.
Nick brings new ideas and fresh outlooks to audiences, touching on why it’s so hard to embrace innovative thinking, and how to use science, wisdom, and an entrepreneurial mentality to drive breakthroughs. Watch him speak about how every individual and corporation is either forging the future, or failing it.
Many of Nick’s talks are future-focused, equipping audiences with the tools they need to harness change and build successful internal structures. He is a great choice for groups that are focused on growth, change, and breaking through the status quo.
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