Hear from the man who gave Obama's daily intelligence briefing

We want to  let you know that one of the most prominent intelligence minds of our day, Director James Clapper, is currently accepting speaking dates in Europe.
With the intelligence bodies under scrutiny like never before, this is a truly incredible opportunity to bring one of the most prestigious and high-ranking intelligence officers to your event. Clapper draws on 50 years' experience to entertain and inform audiences about cyber crime, national security challenges as well as geopolitical relations and their impact on business.

James Clapper was for seven years the US Director of National Intelligence. This post is the highest-ranking intelligence officer. He personally delivered the president's daily security briefing. He retired in January at the end of President Obama’s term.

As Director of National Intelligence, Director Clapper also oversaw all 17 American intelligence agencies including the FBI, CIA, and NSA.

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