Timely Topic: Speakers on Brexit

The EU’s chief negotiator has scheduled 19 June as the first day of talks with Britain to begin discussing details of its exit from the EU. Should you have an event this summer or autumn, we encourage you to consider a speaker on this historic and timely topic:
Sir Malcolm Rifkind is the former foreign secretary and Europe minister. He was also one of the longest-serving ministers in Britain’s recent history, under Margaret Tatcher and John Major. Speaking candidly about global affairs and drawing on his prized first-hand experience in Parliament, Sir Malcolm provides valuable insights for international business audiences struggling to grasp what exactly all of this change means and how it will impact their bottom line, global position, and internal organisational structure.

Rt. Hon Iain Duncan Smith is the former Leader of the Conservative Party, Duncan Smith is a 25-year veteran of British Government. He campaigned to leave the EU ahead of the referendum based on longstanding views about a high-regulatory and costly EU. He is now regularly taking a key role in influencing Government policy on how the UK can proceed with Brexit and ensure it flourishes outside of the EU.

John Bruton is the former Prime Minister of Ireland and EU Ambassador to the U.S., Bruton is an expert at understanding the importance of the transatlantic relationship as it relates to the world economy. He breaks down what U.S.-European trade dependency means post-vote, and analyzes the implications of Brexit for the U.K.’s diplomatic and economic relations with the rest of Europe as well as the U.S. and the rest of the world.

Douglas Alexander is expertly positioned to discuss the global trend lines beneath the headlines. Examining the combination of economic anger, cultural anxiety, and political alienation at work across the globe, Mr. Alexander offers thought-provoking insights on the implications on the EU referendum. He is former Shadow Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, a member of the European Council on Foreign Relations, and a Senior Fellow at Harvard’s Kennedy School.
Gavin Hewitt is the BBC’s former Europe Editor and one of the leading commentators on the Eurozone crisis and European economy. Able to offer unique and important insight into the politics of Brussels, Gavin has covered most major events for the past 30 years including the collapse of the Berlin Wall, fall of the Soviet Union, 9/11, the invasion of Iraq and more. He is able to advise on a wide range of topics, always in his characteristically charming and compelling manner.
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