Top Intelligence Minds on Major Geopolitical Developments

These three speakers each oversaw intelligence for America and England, and are able to address the tectonic shifts happening now—
Sir John Scarlett, Former Chief of the British Secret Intelligence Service

    • Spent four decades as an intelligence officer in Nairobi, Paris, London, and Moscow, and was responsible for the co-ordination and presentation of intelligence advise to both the Prime Minister and allies
    • Senior advisor at Morgan Stanley who understands how geopolitical hot spots and cyber attacks influence business decisions
    • Watch as Sir John talks about secrecy and privacy in the digital age

 Director James Clapper, Former US Director of National Intelligence 

Sir John Sawers, Former Chief of the British Secret Intelligence Service

    • Diplomat who worked for the British government for 36 years and was called “a character out of Ian Fleming” by BBC news
    • Draws from personal experience managing the most challenging foreign policy and security issues of the last 20 years including the rise of China, the evolution of Russia, terrorism and cyber attacks, instability in the Middle East, and nuclear negotiations with Iran
    • Listen as Sir John explains President Trump’s “worst scenario”

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