Former Starbucks CEO with New Speech in Europe

Former Starbucks CEO Jim Donald is going to be in Europe throughout the second half of this year. He has a brand new speech—it’s unlike anything we've seen before and is perfect for the 2017 climate.

Jim has been called a “Turnaround King” for his ability to take flailing brands back from the edge of bankruptcy (and was named one of the Top 25 CEOs in the world). His new speech is all about making that excellence attainable to anyone. Here are some excerpts from this “First Day of Anything” speech: 

  • “Success is not about the latest technology, or data mining, or algorithms, it’s about attitudes and action of execution”
  • “The biggest threat to your company is coming from the inside of your four walls, not externally”
  • “This conversation will make you think back to the ‘first day’ on the job … and carry that wonder with you” 
Jim explains how he became Starbucks CEO by doing something you can do every day, how to unlock “gold mines” in your organization by never stepping foot in your office again, why you can’t forget where you came from (a lesson from the wealthiest man in the world), and how to capture and bottle company excitement…like it’s the first day of anything.

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