New Speakers From Facebook & Twitter

The Leading Authorities speakers bureau team has recently begun working with two extremely exciting, new speakers with impressive Silicon Valley experience and knowledge.

2 New Speakers From Facebook & Twitter

  • Dex Torricke-Barton, Former Head of Communications at SpaceXExecutive Communications Manager at Facebook, & Executive Speechwriter at Google
  • Adam Sharp, Former Head of News, Government, & Elections at Twitter
Keep reading to learn more about this tech luminaries from Silicon Valley and find out about their expertise, areas of focus, and specific speaking topics below.

Dex Torricke-Barton

Former Head of Communications at SpaceX, Executive Communications Manager at Facebook, and Executive Speechwriter at Google

Dex has worked directly with the world-renowned visionaries behind three of the world’s most innovative brands during his time at SpaceX, Facebook, and Google. When he met with our team, Dex shared personal stories about playing chess with Mark Zuckerberg and revealed the one interview question Elon Musk asks all the candidates he interviews. He provides a personalized, high-level overview of the technology megatrends transforming businesses today plus he shares his predictions about what trends and topics will be important in the next five years.

If you are looking for an engaging speaker that comes from a major brand like Facebook or Google, Dex is a great option. Dex is a natural storyteller, making his lessons and advice easy for attendees to understand and apply in their own lives.

Here are the three main topics he speaks about:

  1. Technology
  2. Future Trends
  3. Negotiation
The focus of Dex’s speeches centers on the impact of technology and how it connects communities. Whether he’s discussing the influence of live streaming, virtual reality, or other technological trends and their power on connecting with consumers or operating a business, you can trust your audience will be “wow-ed” throughout his presentation.

Adam Sharp, the former Head of News, Government, and Elections, at Twitter

Adam was Twitter’s first Washington employee, tasked with growing the platform into the news powerhouse it is today. He was also the longest-serving member of Twitter’s global media partnerships team and the brand’s most visible spokesperson. He talks about the impact of technology on incumbent industries and how to take advantage of platforms including Twitter to stay relevant and even to get ahead.

As a speaker from Twitter, Adam offers more than five years of experience with the social media company. His unique role uncovered the influence social media is beginning to have in connecting government representatives with their voters as well as constituents. It also demonstrates that companies now need modern communication plans to succeed.

With his career in the political field and history at Twitter, Adam’s an accomplished speaker on the following five topics:

  1. Technology
  2. Disruption
  3. Politics
  4. Social Media
  5. Social Networking
Whether your event is focusing on the new wave of communication that Twitter introduced, highlighting the shift in consumer’s behavior and habits, or demonstrating the power of social media in building a brand and growing an audience, Adam is an excellent choice.

When it comes to speakers on emerging technologies and social media, Dex and Adam offer a first-hand knowledge and experience that’s unmatched as well as memorable anecdotes that will immediately resonate and stay with your audience long after your event. The lessons and insights shared by these two keynote speakers will also leave your audience with food for thought about how to optimize their current communication procedures and how to leverage disruption and innovation to positively impact their company’s.

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