New Speech from Harley-Davidson's Ken Schmidt

We wanted to let you know that Ken Schmidt, one of our most popular speakers, has just finished work on a brand new speech. It’s timely and topical and perfectly suited for audiences facing greater competition in today’s changing environment.

The talk is all about creating loyalty in the age of Amazon—how to compete in a marketplace where customers care more about price than relationship, and can use new technology to find cheaper competition instantaneously. Throughout the talk, Ken hits on:

  • Why the “passing lane” is wide open for smaller players now if industry leaders don’t lock in their position
  • How to make your brand “memorably different”
  • How to strengthen your reputation and make higher prices “worth it”

If your group has not had Ken, he is the former Director of Communications Strategy at Harley-Davidson, and widely known for helping craft one of businesses biggest turnaround success stories of the last few decades. He is consistently one of our top selling speakers. You can watch video of Ken here.

If this sounds like a good topic for your group now, let us know by filling out the form below. 

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