Economist Paul Johnson: You’ve Seen Him On TV, Now He's Available For Speeches

I have heard from several clients who are interested in a detailed and tailored economic outlook speech and wanted to introduce you to Paul Johnson. With Brexit, and government and opposition offering very different spending and taxation plans, Paul offers insight and analysis of the likely direction of the UK economy. 

If you are not familiar with Paul, he is the Director of the Institute for Fiscal Studies—the UK’s leading economic research institute. The IFS has won “economic and financial” think tank of the year four years in succession, and Paul’s insights are highly-prized. He has spent his whole working life focusing on the economics of public policy and is regularly quoted in news outlets and on television.

In speeches, Paul is able to discuss what businesses should expect as we head into next year as well as the intersection of business and public policy (tax, welfare, inequality, pensions, education, and more). He is able to focus on big-picture issues or dive into policy specifics, making him a very desirable speaker.

If you are interested in checking on Paul’s availability or speaking fees, please fill out the form below. Or, if you are hoping for a different type of speaker for your next event, please call us at t +44-203-440-4196 or live chat with a member of our team right now.

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