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With the controversy about Facebook and Cambridge Analytica continuing into this week, I wanted to share some speaker updates relating to risk and data. Please therefore see below the latest updates from former professional poker player Caspar Berry and author of Big Data, Viktor Mayer-Schönberger.

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New speaker: Alex Macqueen
Alex Macqueen is an after-dinner speaker, moderator and actor. He is best-known known for his roles as Julius Nicholson in the BBC’s “Thick of It” and Neil’s Dad in the Channel 4 comedy “The Inbetweeners.” A qualified barrister, Alex hosted the “Downing Street Debates” with ex-Prime Minister David Cameron at Number 10, and has spoken at the Edinburgh International Television Festival. Other speaking work includes the Intelligence Squared Fleming v Le Carré debate with Simon Callow and Anthony Horowitz, as well as guest speaker at the Middle Temple Annual Dinner with the Master of the Rolls, Lord Dyson, for 180 Benchers, Barristers, and Students. 

I saw him speak last week and he is hugely entertaining, engaging, and easy to work with, that is in between people rushing up for selfies, all of which he agreed to with grace and humour. He’s funny, he’s smart and recognisable, a perfect after-dinner or lunchtime speaker.


Caspar Berry Talks Risk at TEDx
Former poker player Caspar Berry recently gave a talk at TEDx all about dealing with global uncertainty. It’s a fascinating look at how much control we have over our own lives coupled with an examination of what it means to have good judgment, how to craft “calculated risks” and the role confidence plays in tackling challenges, saying: “In poker, you wouldn’t just be arrogant to say, ‘I know what’s going to happen,’ you’d be mad.” Watch it now.


Does Data = Innovation?
Best-selling author Viktor Mayer-Schönberger just contributed an article to Harvard Business Review that asks the question, “Are the most innovative companies just the ones with the most data?” In a time of tense PR relations for some of the tech world’s biggest companies, he writes about the importance of being data-savvy and why some companies have no choice but to find new ways to access valuable consumer data to stay relevant.


Our Big Event
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