3 Experts On How To Create An Exceptional Customer Experience

Increasingly we are all digital consumers—and most of our businesses are selling online via apps or using social media.

But what makes a great customer experience in 2019 and beyond? How should businesses be thinking about reaching consumers in today's wired world? And, at what point should a positive digital experience be prioritized over an in-person one?

Learn from the leaders in digital marketing what the rest of the economy can pick up from their experiences.

3 customer experience Experts 

Here are three speakers who discuss creating an exceptional customer experience:

  1. Alex HunterFormer Head of Online Marketing for Virgin Group
  2. Steven van BelleghemBest-Selling Author, Professor, and Expert on the Future of Marketing and Customer Relationships
  3. Andrew McMillanPrincipal at Engaging Services, Customer Service Expert, Former John Lewis Director

Here is more information about these expert speakers:

Alex Hunter 

Former Head of Online Marketing for Virgin Group

Alex served as Sir Richard Branson’s right hand man, developing the Virgin Group’s global digital strategy. Hunter draws on that incredible experience to share lessons about gaining new customers online, generating customer loyalty, viral word of mouth marketing and creating an experience that propels people to be brand ambassadors for life.  |  See more on Alex Hunter here.

Steven van Belleghem 

Best-Selling Author, Professor, and Expert on the Future of Marketing and Customer Relationships

According to Van Belleghem, we are just now entering the third phase of digitization, where artificial intelligence will raise the bar in terms of customer experience. A former managing partner with a major online research consulting firm, Van Belleghem describes how to invest in the customer experience of the future and talks about the three new most important aspects of reaching customers online: hyper-personalization, faster than real-time customer service and the most user-friendly interfaces ever seen.  |  See more on Steven Van Belleghem here

Andrew McMillan 

Principal at Engaging Services, Customer Service Expert, Former John Lewis Director

Andrew draws upon his three decades of experience at John Lewis as well as his recent consulting experiences to share insight on creating a distinct customer experience, leading teams and engaging employees. Believing consistency is key to reputation, and that the whole team must be brilliant with the customer, Andrew shares tactics for developing a distinct and differentiated customer experience as delivered through employees who embody your brand.  |  See more on Andrew McMillan here.

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