The Leaders of the Retail Transformation

The retail industry has undergone significant transformation over the past few years. With the rise of e-commerce, experiential retail, and corporate social responsibility, the space continues to evolve. From these dynamic changes and opportunities, Leading Authorities has a top-notch roster of speakers who have expert knowledge on the modern retail space. From CEO's and executives of Porsche, Tesco, and TKMaxx, our speakers give audiences an in-depth 360 degree view of the industry. 

Hear from these retail experts on how to adapt to change and thrive, not only in the retail sector, but in all areas of transformation: 

6 Expert Retail Speakers

  1. Gavin Patterson - Former Chief Executive at BT who shares insights on putting the customer first, using technology transformation to gain competitive advantage, and leading a business with a strong social purpose agenda.
  2. Kevin Gaskell - Former Group CEO of BMW GB, former CEO of Porsche GB, and former CEO of Lamborghini GB who has built global companies from nothing more than ‘a good idea’ and inspires audiences that ordinary people can deliver extraordinary results.
  3. Kate Ancketill - CEO of GDR Creative Intelligence and innovation partner to the world’s largest consumer brands like Microsoft, P&G, and Capital One who breaks down the power of transformative technology to spark innovation in industries such as retail and hospitality.
  4. Bill Grimsey - Author and former retail CEO, who draws on his 45 years of retailer experience at companies like Budgens and Tesco to discuss the future of retail and the high street.
  5. Gabrielle Hase - Digital Commerce Strategy Consultant and Branding and Retail Expert whose achievements include managing leisure brand Sweaty Betty’s global eCommerce business, accelerating L.K Bennett’s online sales, and launching
  6. William Higham  - Consumer Strategist, Futurist, and Founder of the Next Big Thing who arms audiences with new, smarter ways to handle tomorrow’s consumers and an arsenal of opportunities for innovation-led growth.

Read on for more details about each of these talented speakers and their specific retail knowledge:

Gavin patterson 

Former Chief Executive BT Group plc

Gavin Patterson served as CEO of BT Group for over 6 years, spanning all facets of global communications. His insights allowed the company to be on the cutting edge of the 4G revolution and acquire the UK's largest wireless operator. From these renowned investments and predictive capabilities, Patterson is regarded as one of the most influential leaders in new media and technology in the UK. See Gavin's speaker profile to learn more about his past career triumphs and accolades. 

Kevin gaskell  

Former Group CEO of BMW GB, Former CEO of Porsche GB, and Former CEO of Lamborghini GB

What do entrepreneurship, value creation, innovation, mountain climbing, and a rock band have in common? Kevin Gaskell. Not only has he created more than $5 billion in shareholder value, he has been CEO of four world class enterprises, all while finding time to be an international athlete. It is clear that Kevin has unparalleled capabilities that audiences are hungry to hear. His speeches are powerful and motivational, emboldening audiences to reach their most extraordinary goals through leadership. Visit Kevin's speaker profile to see just how he inspires countless people to become leaders from his experience. 

Kate ancketill 

Expert in Innovation and Founder and CEO of GDR Creative Intelligence

Being a futurist, Kate Ancketill is a gifted speaker that transforms difficult concepts of tomorrow into manageable ideas of today. As CEO of GDR Creative Intelligence, her firm heads innovation for over 30 global consumer brands. From social, technological, and economic changes, the future of hospitality and retailing will never be the same. Luckily, Kate is at the forefront of these innovations, translating them easily to audiences, taking knowledge from all her specialities to surely craft a memorable talk. Find more information on Kate here. 

Bill Grimsey 

Author & Former Retail CEO

Bill Grimsey has decades of experience in retail. Seeing changes internationally throughout his career, Bill has a perspective like few others. Having been a senior manager at Tesco and Park'n'Shop, Hong Kong's leading supermarket chain, Bill has key leadership insights as well as experience in managing global brands. He is invited as a regular commentator on television and radio spanning the high street and retail alike. See more on Bill here.

Gabrielle Hase 

Digital Commerce Strategy Consultant, Branding and Retail Expert
Mentor, conference chair, keynote speaker, these are just a few adjectives that describe Gabrielle Hase. Her prowess in digital commerce strategy opened an entirely new value chain for TXMaxx when she launched their ecommerce site. She currently has multiple directorial roles in technology businesses, giving her unique insight into the intersection of technology, retail, and what the customer needs. Outside her business excellence, she aids cultural institutions diversify their audiences and artistic reach. See more on Gabrielle here.

William higham 

Consumer Strategist, Futurist, & Founder of the Next Big Thing
William has a history of predicting new consumer trends and their impact before anyone else. He predicted how the trend of "wellbeing" would affect retail markets as well as how a wave of sobriety would impact the drinks industry. It is no surprise that these insights and their respective effects have inspired thousands of people from all walks of life. From financial to academic venues, William is a sought-after and gifted speaker. His strategy firm, Next Big Thing, has taken on clients of gigantic proportions like Amazon and HSBC. For more on William, see his speaker profile here.

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