Top Speakers on Brexit


As the Brexit continues, what can businesses take from the uncertainty, and what will be the effects of the possible outcomes on businesses in the UK, elsewhere in the EU, and with other international trading partners?

TOP Speakers On Brexit

Here are our top speakers who can discuss Britain's trading position outside the EU from both a UK perspective and that of its trading partners:

  • Anthony Gardner, former US Ambassador to the European Union
  • Iain Duncan Smith, former Leader of the Conservative Party and former Secretary of State for Work and Pensions
  • Michael Froman, Vice Chairman and President of Strategic Growth for Mastercard, and former United States Trade Representative
  • Malcolm Rifkind, Former Foreign Secretary and Former Chairman of the Intelligence Committee of the British Parliamentt
  • Tim Shipman, Political Editor of The Sunday Times
  • John Bruton, former EU Ambassador to the U.S. & former PM of Ireland
  • Gavin Hewitt, former BBC Europe Editor
  • David Smith, Economics Editor of The Sunday Times

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