Speakers On The Future Of Marketing & Consumer Relationships


We all know that our relationships with consumers are changing quickly. From how to speak with consumers in emerging markets to how to use experiences to drive loyalty, these speakers help your organisation get ahead of the marketing challenges of the future:

  • Steven van Belleghem, Best-Selling Author, Professor, & Entrepreneur
  • Daniel Murray, Co-Founder of Grabble and Mobula
  • Andrew McMillanPrincipal at Engaging Services, Former Director at John Lewis, & Customer Service Expert

 Here is more information about each of these speakers who discuss customer relationships.

Steven van Belleghem

Best-Selling Author, Professor, & Entrepreneur

With a focus on future trends and retail, Steven helps audiences rethink their strategies to meet and exceed customer expectations in a world where Amazon is the new standard. He is the author of Customers the Day After Tomorrow: How to Attract Customers in a World of AIs, Bots, and Automation. In thought-provoking, fast-paced presentations, he describes how to invest in the customer experience using consumer science, automated interfaces, and new management models.

Daniel Murray

Co-Founder of Grabble and Mobula

A popular public speaker on entrepreneurship, the future of mobile commerce, start-ups, and resiliency, Daniel is the co-founder of Grabble (TechCrunch Europa’s Best Mobile Start-up 2017) and Mobula. He is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor in nine companies, advisor, and was named the “UK Young Entrepreneur of the Year” in 2015. He helps companies work through how to communicate with consumers in a mobile-first, authentic way, and hammers home the point that creating a community of supporters will either make or break your business in the 21st century.

Andrew McMillan

Principal at Engaging Services, Former Director at John Lewis, & Customer Service Expert

With an extensive background in customer service, Andrew draws on three decades experience in retail to share valuable insights on creating a distinct customer experience, leading teams, and engaging employees. Believing that customer-employee encounters should still be a primary marketing tool in a tech-savvy world, he helps audiences answer questions like, “How do your customers feel when they interact with front-line employees?” and “How do your customer experiences help differentiate your products in a crowded marketplace?”

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