Travel Update: Legendary Wing-Suit Pilot Joby Ogwyn

Joby Ogwyn Mountain Climbing

Sharing an update about world-famous mountaineer, BASE jumper, and wing-suit pilot Joby Ogwyn. Joby is in Europe now through the end of March, and will be accepting speeches at a reduced rate should you have an event that could benefit from his motivational presentations.

Joby is the only man to summit Mt. Everest in a single day and the only person in the world to fly next to Everest in a wing-suit. He has a new speech with amazing visuals that pulls back the curtain on how he makes his dreams reality. He focuses on the need for perseverance and how to overcome fear.

Get to know Joby a bit in this minute-long Q&A clip or watch this heart-pounding footage of his jumps to get a better feel for what he does.

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