Expert Tech Speaker on Creative Innovation

Inma Martinez Tech Innovation Speaker

With today’s focus on innovation and speed, we hear from a lot of clients who worry about losing the human element of business. Renowned speaker and technology expert, Inma Martinez, highlights how companies can fuse the best technology and human intuition have to offer. 

Inma is a partner at Opus Corporate Finance LLP, a role she assumed after years of experience at Goldman Sachs and as a tech entrepreneur. Labelled a “firestarter” by FastCompany, Inma Martinez believes a magic combination of data and human insights will run the future of business and offers example of this in practice—be it for retail, tech, or financial services clients. She possesses a revolutionary understanding of the growing trends of technology and can easily communicate them through illustrative storytelling.

To boot, she assures audiences that robots will not take over the world—as they have and will not master the creativity teeming from the right side of the human brain. Innovative software can take us very far, but to truly lead the charge, the world needs leaders. And Inma explains how to do it.


To learn more about Inma, or to check a date on her calendar or her pricing, please give us a call at 44-203-440-4196.

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