Travel Update: American Speakers In Europe

Photo of map - traveling

We wanted to share with you details of two US speakers who are travelling in Europe over the next few months.

  • Mike Allen is perhaps the most plugged-in journalist operating in Washington today. He will be in Europe in January and accepting speeches at a reduced fee. He is founder of the new political site Axios. 

Called “the man the White House wakes up to” by The New York Times, Mike discusses politics and the changing nature of news and media. His speeches are always a success because of the many personal stories of big-name operatives he includes. Funny and fast-talking, he surprises and delights audiences with anecdotes and insider stories. 

  • Joby Ogwyn is a world-record holding mountain climber and legendary wing-suit pilot who will be in Europe in February. Joby is the only person in the world to climb Mt. Everest in a single day and the only person to fly next to Mt. Everest in a wing-suit.

Joby talks about accomplishing goals that seem impossible, setting yourself up to succeed with preparation and risk mitigation, overcoming obstacles, and envisioning success to make it happen. His talk is filled with jaw-dropping visuals of his stunts as well as heart-pounding stories.

To check fees for either of these incredible speakers, please visit their speaker pages or live chat with us now.

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