Our Most Popular American Speakers

Stanley McChrystal Anthoyn Foxx Michael Hayden Jerry Kaplan Crystal Washington

We wanted to send you a note highlighting some of the bigger names we book most frequently in the US. As a quick reminder, these speakers often travel to Asia and can be fantastic options for annual conferences, dinners, or panel discussions:
Gen. Stanley McChrystal: Former Commander of US and International Forces in Afghanistan, best-selling author of My Share of the Task and Team of Teams, and co-founder of the McChrystal Group

  • Widely credited with revolutionizing warfare by fusing intelligence and operations
  • Led JSOC, the US military’s most secretive branch, from 2003-2008
  • Best-selling talk on leadership and teamwork consistently receives rave reviews for his dedication, storytelling abilities, charisma, and takeaways

Sec. Anthony Foxx: Former US Secretary of Transportation

  • Embraced innovative technologies at the DOT by launching the Smart City Challenge to innovative within America’s cities
  • Discusses the effect of future transportation trends including autonomous vehicles and integrated technology on a wide range of related industries

Gen. Michael Hayden: Former Director of the CIA and former Director of the NSA

  • Formerly the highest-ranking military intelligence officer in America
  • With hard-hitting insights and plenty of wit, he provides the ultimate insider’s glimpse into the forces shaping the world

Jerry Kaplan: Futurist, AI expert, and Silicon Valley Entrepreneur 

  • Inventor of the touch-screen software used in modern tablet computers and smart phones
  • Creator of the first online auction website (eBay eventually acquired his patent)
  • Highly-customizable talk looks at AI, robotics, and the future workplace

Crystal Washington: Social Media Marketing Strategist

  • Explains the practical applications of technology and social media in plain English
  • Offers tips for using technology to strengthen client connections without losing that personal touch

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