Economists With New Book on Emerging Markets

Economists With New Book on Emerging Markets

We wanted to put a speaking duo on your radar: Dr. Anil Gupta and Haiyan Wang. They are world-revered experts on global trends and business strategy, and co-authors of the brand new book The Silk Road Rediscovered: How Indian and Chinese Companies Are Becoming Globally Stronger by Winning in Each Other’s Markets


The book is a roadmap for understanding business challenges and opportunities in China, and covers:

  • How businesses should respond to shifting power centers and foreign policy strategies
  • How organizations can prime themselves for global expansion
  • How to benefit from emerging markets

Their book is the first to ever analyze the growing corporate linkages between India and China and clearly illustrate why, by 2025, their relationship will be one of the ten most important bilateral ties worldwide.


Two of the world’s leading voices on globalisation and strategy, Dr. Gupta and Ms. Wang are a fantastic speaker duo option for events focused on the future of business. If you’d like to check their fee or availability for an upcoming event, please visit the speaker page or chat live with us now.

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