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Military Leaders

US Navy SEAL Rear Admiral (ret.)

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Rear Admiral Scott Moore is the former deputy commander of Naval Special Warfare. From the mountains of Afghanistan to briefings in the Oval Office, he is the man our nation’s leaders trust when failure is not an option. Whether leading a group of men or interfacing with Pakistani military leaders, he directed more than 2,000 missions and was involved in the marquee moments of our nation’s history. His presentations are a nail-biting, adrenaline-pumping glimpse into what it takes to create and lead high-performing teams.

Former Director of Intelligence for the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

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Rear Admiral Paul Becker is a strategic planner, operational innovator, global risk manager and cyber security professional. He served three decades as a Naval Intelligence Officer where he built and led large, successful, interagency and international teams around the globe in peace, crisis and combat.
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Founder and President, Flight Level Solutions & Safety Expert

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Jack Becker is a teamwork, human performance, and safety professional whose years of expertise drove him to found Flight Level Solutions. Jack has dedicated his career to helping teams and individuals reduce human error and perform at peak levels every day. He has served as a carrier-based F/A-18 Hornet and Super Hornet pilot, instructor pilot, landing signal officer, quality assurance officer, budget operations officer, and crew resource management instructor. Jack is a decorated combat veteran having flown strike missions in Operation Iraqi Freedom, and has graduated from the U.S. Navy Crew Resource Management School. In addition to leading FLS, Jack serves as an officer in the US Navy Reserve.
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