Asoka Jinadasa

World-Class Trainer and Speaker on Maximizing Performance
Asoka Jinadasa
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Dr. Asoka Jinadasa is a UK-qualified Chartered Engineer with a US doctorate in Business Strategy and decades of management experience in Europe, USA and Asia. He is a globally-acknowledged thought leader in developing human potential through an innovative blend of Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science. He is also a Master of the Chinese martial art T’ai Chi Ch’uan and Oriental energy methods, and has empowered thousands of employees in dozens of companies in diverse industries. He is the author of the award-winning self-coaching book Flying Penguin: How to create miracles in your life using the six dimensions of success.

Dr. Jin looks forward to inspiring your audience to rediscover their wings and strive for the highest levels of success in everything they do—regardless of age, education or background.

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Providing New Insights into Business Success Despite Competition Using the Wisdom-Skill matrix and the 6-dimensional leadership model.

Motivating Executives to Achieve Ambitious Career & Corporate Goals Developing the 6 dimensions: Heart, Mind, Body, Passion, Focus, Health.

Inspiring Team Members to Boost Their Individual & Team Performance Empowering them using a blend of Ancient Wisdom & Modern Science.

Empowering Sales Teams to Double Their Sales with Half the Stress Boosting their emotional intelligence and mental & physical energy.

Unleashing Employees’ Creativity and Nurturing Their Ability to Innovate Using divergent thinking for creativity and convergent thinking for innovation.

Deploying A New HR Paradigm for Structuring Winning Organizations Changing Human Resource Development to Human Potential Development.

Enjoying Stress-Free Natural Health, Mindfulness, And Work-Life Balance Deploying new corporate wellness practices designed for daily usage.

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