The Brothers Koren

Musicians and Visionary Leaders
Picture of the Brothers Koren staring into the camera wearing black t-shirts against a black background.
  • Transformational leaders and brothers, Isaac and Thorald explore peak human potential through song and music. 
  • The Brothers Koren earned a coveted gold record with a musical journey spanning 15 years and collaborations with Coldplay and P!NK.
  • Their 'Your Big Voice Foundation' promotes mental wellness and tackles voice trauma.
  • They create transformative experiences through musical collaboration for inspired leadership and teamwork.

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The Brothers Koren, Isaac and Thorald, are not just artists; they are visionary leaders committed to unlocking the profound potential of music, song, and voice, crafting transformative experiences that cultivate connection, foster teamwork, and ignite inspiration. The essence of their work is human interaction and they are masterful at creating safe and fun spaces in any environment.

Their mission? To explore the peak of human potential using song & music as a model of collaboration. By using their innate musicality, their keynotes focus on culture building, creativity and inspiration.  

Hailing from Australia, the Brothers Koren embarked on an odyssey, drawn by their fiercely independent mother's quest to reclaim her voice—a voice that once echoed on the stages of the original cast of 'HAIR'. Landing in NYC in 2001, they aspired to global acclaim, envisioning themselves as the biggest band on the planet. Their musical journey as 'The Kin' spanned 15 years, from the hush of empty dive bars to the roaring applause of millions, culminating in a coveted gold record. Their talent took them around the globe, sharing stages with the likes of Coldplay, P!NK, Bon Jovi, and Rod Stewart. However, amidst the glittering success lay a void—a yearning for authenticity and a sense of unfulfillment.

In a defining moment of clarity, the brothers envisioned a new path: to be guides, mentors, 'brothers' to others, nurturing and championing their voices, just as they wished someone had done for them. This epiphany birthed 'The Songwriter’s Journey' in 2015—an immersive expedition from the birth of a song to its soulful sharing. This endeavor was just the beginning. 

Today, the Brothers Koren have fostered thousands of voices, from diverse backgrounds, through a  myriad of programs. Their work illuminated the pervasive issue of 'VOICE TRAUMA', underscoring the voice's vulnerability and its unparalleled power to influence and incite change.

Driven by purpose, they founded the 'Your Big Voice Foundation', aiming to shatter the chains of silence and amplify authentic expression, leveraging music and voice as therapeutic tools for mental and emotional wellness. Their impact has transcended boundaries, collaborating with Fortune 500 companies, such as NASDAQ and Diet Coke, and even educating the young minds of fourth graders. Through their ANTHEM process, they write songs with groups, companies and organizations as large as 900 people at a time. 

Teaming up with speaker and author, Steve Farber for Your Big Leadership Voice, the brothers seek to further their desire to make corporate team building a fun and uplifting experience. A consistent thread weaves through all their interactions—the innate human need to connect and the importance of personal performance through expression. The brothers advocate for a world where human potential is unlocked by freeing both individual and collective voices.

Their dedication and influence have not gone unnoticed. The Brothers Koren are esteemed members of the Association of Transformational Leaders and the Transformational Leadership Council. Further cementing their legacy in the world of transformation and entertainment, they now co-host and co-created 'The Journey', a groundbreaking TV show in collaboration with MGM and recording artist SIA. This innovative program harnesses the transformative essence of music, reimagining the concept of a makeover show by guiding everyday people through using song as a way of transforming their lives.

The Brothers will bring a new sense of harmony and freedom to your team!

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Speaker Video

The Brothers Koren: The Anthem Experience

The Brothers Koren: Meet the Brothers

The Brothers Koren: Your Big Leadership Voice

Anthem. The Anthem experience allows for large groups or teams to write an entire song with the brothers in-person on stage, or virtual and online via a Zoom call, which includes everything from the lyrics to the melodies to the chord progressions and everything in between. The experience has been utilized by Coca Cola, Exponential Medicine at Singularity University, Daybreaker, Leapgen and more.

Key Takeaways:

  • Alignment and Radical Inclusivity
  • Team Building and Cohesion
  • Retention
  • Remote Work, Immersion, and Interactivity


Dare to Suck. A musical keynote on playing with the creative edge and stretching human potential. Takeaways: learn courage and confidence in communication and idea sharing.

Key Takeaways:

  • Inspiration
  • Emotional Intelligence and Collaboration
  • Motivation and Vocation
  • Remote work, Immersion, and Interactivity


The Small Voices. Moving beyond inhibitions and learning to take back the microphone for The Big Voice in your life.

Key Takeaways:

  • Resistance, Vulnerability, and Mental Health
  • Disruption, Creativity, and Innovation
  • Storytelling
  • Remote Work, Immersion, and Interactivity


Your Big Leadership with Steve Farber

Your Big Leadership Voice is a groundbreaking 90-minute experiential and immersive musical keynote crafted by the dynamic collaboration of The Brothers Koren and Steve Farber. This trio of transformational leaders brings an innovative approach to team building, inspiration, and leadership development. Combining their unique skills and experiences, they guide participants through a journey designed to unlock new dimensions of collaboration, connection, and communication within the corporate environment.

The Brothers Koren, known for their profound impact in the world of music and human expression, blend their musical talents with Steve Farber’s renowned expertise in leadership and business strategy. Together, they create an unparalleled experience that not only entertains but deeply transforms. Through the power of music, storytelling, and interactive participation, Your Big Leadership Voice addresses the critical aspects of cohesion, retention, and culture-building in today's fast-paced corporate world.

Paticipants are invited to explore and discover their own leadership voices, learning how to harness this newfound power to inspire and influence those around them. The journey is meticulously designed to break down barriers, foster genuine connections, and encourage a culture of open communication and mutual respect. By doing so, Your Big Leadership Voice sets the stage for creating more cohesive, resilient, and innovative teams.

This keynote goes beyond traditional leadership workshops by offering a soul-stirring experience that resonates on a personal level, driving home the importance of authenticity, empathy, and collaboration in leadership. It's an invitation to step into a space of vulnerability and strength, where the fusion of music and leadership principles opens up new pathways for professional and personal growth.

Ideal for corporations looking to elevate their teams, Your Big Leadership Voice promises not only to inspire but to instigate real change, providing participants with practical tools and insights to foster a culture of collaboration, retention, and positive corporate culture. Through this transformative experience, leaders and teams alike will emerge more connected and empowered to lead with their big leadership voice.

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