Bruce Mehlman

Former Assistant Secretary of Commerce and Policy Expert
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With over two decades experience in public policy, business and the law, Bruce helps leaders and organizations understand, anticipate and navigate political risk. 

Mehlman is a highly sought-after keynote speaker on policy and political trends, regularly headlining business conferences and strategic planning sessions. His quarterly infographic analyses are consistently picked-up by national media and eagerly consumed by tens of thousands of readers around the world. Television networks such as CNBC, Fox News and Hearst often ask Bruce to appear to discuss trends and their implications. 

Bruce previously served as Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Technology Policy under President George W. Bush. He also worked as a senior leadership aide in the House of Representatives, general counsel to a national political party committee and policy counsel to Cisco Systems. 

Bruce is widely-regarded as an expert in running coalitions, quarterbacking issue campaigns and managing C-suite associations, bringing innovative approaches and determined execution to achieve impactful outcomes. An Adjunct Professor and Board Member of The Washington Campus, Bruce frequently lectures MBA candidates on “effective business-government relations.” Bruce serves on the advisory boards of start-up companies including FiscalNote, iLearningEngines and Virtru, in addition to serving on the Boards of the Center for Democracy & Technology, The Washington Campus and the State Science & Technology Institute. 

Bruce received a BA degree from Princeton University and a JD from the University of Virginia Law School where he served on the Virginia Law Review.

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