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Carl Miller

Author, Speaker & Researcher
  • Social Media Advisor for the Care Quality Commission
  • Visiting Research Fellow at King's College, London
  • Co-Founder & Research Director for CASM at Demos
Topics & Types
Cyber SecurityFuture TrendsBusiness StrategyTechnologyGeopoliticsPoliticsAuthors

Carl Miller is an award-winning author, pioneering technology researcher and expert in the influence of digital technology on modern society. As co-founder and research director for The Centre for the Analysis of Social Media (CASM) at Demos, the UK’s leading cross-party political think tank, Carl leads a team examining how the rise of the digital world affects politics, society, crime, journalism, warfare, business and our everyday lives. 

From corporate giants like Shell to the British Parliament and Home Office, Carl speaks to audiences around the world about what the digital revolution means to them and how they can stay ahead of the curve. He is regularly asked to appear on national and international media to give his expert opinion on all things digital, including BBC and Sky News.

His debut book, The Death of the Gods: The New Global Power Grab (published by Penguin, Random House) won the 2019 Transmission Prize. In it, he threw himself into the weirdest and wildest parts of the digital age. He came face-to-face with hikikomori – ‘the departed’ - in South Korea who only live online, lived in a political-technology commune, had a knife held to his throat and become involved in the struggle for control of an online assassination market, all to help us understand how the digital revolution is causing traditional power structures to crumble and evolve, and how this process is changing all of our lives in ways we may not have noticed.

Additionally, Carl has written for Wired, New Scientist, The Sunday Times, The Telegraph and the Guardian. He is also the author of over a dozen major reports on the effect of the digital world on society and politics and how it can be studied. This includes the influence of the internet on radicalisation, policing and counter-terrorism, hate crime and social media, digital democracy, and changing identities and beliefs in the digital world.

Carl is an expert advisor on social media for the Care Quality Commission, the external social media expert for the UK Government Civil Contingencies Secretariat, a member of the Independent Digital Ethics Panel for Policing, and an external advisor on the current cross-Governmental review on the use of data science within the public sector. He is also a visiting research fellow at King’s College, London.


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