Dale Irvin

Professional Summarizer and Comedian
Dale Irvin
  • Appeared in concert with Jay Leno, Pauk Anka, The Four Tops, and The Temptations
  • Induced into the Speakers Hall of Fame after receiving the highest award in the speaking industry
  • Sums up meetings, conventions, and seminars with an accurate description of what happened
  • Presents audiences with a humorous view of top news stories and events

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Dale Irvin is one of a kind. He is an author, actor, and widely televised comedian, but speaking is where he excels. In addition to over 100 national TV appearances, Dale has appeared in concert with Jay Leno, Pauk Anka, The Four Tops, and The Temptations. Dale has received the two highest designations as presented by the National Speakers Association. In 1988, Dale earned the designation of CSP, (Certified Speaking Professional); and in 1995, Dale was given the highest award in the speaking industry, induction into the Speakers Hall Of Fame. Dale is the author of eight books including Laughter Doesn't Hurt and publishes Funny Business, a bi-monthly humor newsletter with international distribution. Dale's speaking programs include "Laughter Doesn't Hurt," in which he presents the healing power of comedy in such a hilarious way that the audience should be illness-free forever. His "Professional Summarizer" introduces Dale to meetings, conventions, and seminars to wrap things up with a monologue that has been created based upon what just happened. There is also his "Custom Put-On", where Dale is presented as a bogus expert on whatever subject the corporation chooses. The audience is baffled, confused and hysterical.

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