David McNally

Founder & CEO of TransForm Corporation, Best-Selling Author, & Award-Winning Film Producer
David McNally
  • International business consultant, award-winning film producer, and best-selling author of three books which have been translated into 12 languages
  • Global authority on leadership, personal brand, and inspiration with 30+ years experience
  • As a member of the Speakers’ Hall of Fame, he's been described by a leading speakers’ bureau as one of the world’s Top 50 business speakers

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Why do businesses such as Delta Air Lines, Disney, Amtrak, Apple Autos, and ASHRM engage David McNally to inspire their employees to a whole new level of performance?

David’s experience working with leaders of many of the world’s most successful companies has taught that any investment in employee development should have a clear, compelling business outcome: Building a passionate commitment to the brand. A strong brand is the ultimate ROI. A strong brand determines up to 70% of a company’s value. A strong brand is the evidence of customer loyalty—the guarantee they will come back time and time again.

As the Founder of TransForm Corporation, a business consultancy, David has learned that building a strong brand is the responsibility of every employee in every corner of the organization. He delivers dynamic, engaging programs that inspire organizations and their people to transform their brands from the ordinary to the iconic! He teaches how to navigate through chaos and disruption into a world of Creativity, Collaboration, and Commitment.

A dynamic and engaging speaker, audiences leave David’s presentations ignited with a clear purpose: To ensure your organization’s brand stands out for the crowd. Participants will have the desire and the tools for delivering a Distinctive, Relevant, and Consistent brand experience.

David’s has written numerous best-selling books, including Even Eagles Need A Push, The Eagle’s Secret, Mark Of An Eagle, and Be Your Own Brand, which have been translated into twelve languages and developed into leadership and employee development programs in over twenty different countries. Also, an award-winning producer, David is the creator of two highly-praised, inspirational films, The Power Of Purpose and If I Were Brave.

His knowledge of what inspires people has been commended by people such as NBA coach, Pat Riley, golf superstar, Greg Norman, CNN host, Larry King, as well as hundreds of executives from many of the world's most successful companies. David is among an elite group of recipients of the Council of Peers Award for Excellence (CPAE) Speaker Hall of Fame by the National Speakers Association (NSA), and has been described by a leading speakers’ bureau as one of the world’s Top 50 business speakers.

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The Leader’s Legacy—How To Stand Out From The Crowd. People are not a company’s greatest asset—the right people are. This is especially true of leaders. More than ever, companies need leaders who have a high level of awareness of their personal impact on colleagues, clients and customers and who are committed to leaving a positive imprint on every encounter. These are leaders who show up each day with clarity of purpose and a desire to contribute at the highest level.

As leaders, we are remembered by others to the extent that we have contributed to their lives. The most revered leaders are those who saw more potential in us than we saw in ourselves and inspired us to reach that potential. That is our ultimate legacy.

In this inspiring presentation, David McNally draws from his work of developing leaders in companies such as Delta Air Lines, Amtrak, Apple Autos, and the Walt Disney Imagineers to provide life-enhancing tools for leaders to maximize their contribution to their organization, their families, and their communities.

David brings meaningful, insightful perspectives that connect directly to the purpose of a leader: To create a culture that inspires individuals and teams to achieve the shared mission and vision of the organization.

Leaders will learn the attributes of great leaders and how to leave a legacy that will impact generations to come.

“A smile, a word of encouragement, an honest discussion, raising aspirations, high standards, giving recognition, accountability and sensitivity, are all behaviors that define the best in humanity. And they have never been more in demand and needed than they are today.”     

Mark Of An Eagle by David McNally

All Disruption Is Personal. Disruption and ambiguity are now the norm. Stress and exhaustion prevail, and life balance is an aspiration very few are achieving.

Technology, competition, and communications are transforming the world at breathtaking speed.

Is there a way to successfully navigate through this seeming chaos? Only if we make a deep and personal commitment to change, to learn and to grow.

We must decide: Will this new reality derail us or invigorate us? Will we live fearfully or fearlessly? Will we play safe or play to win?

International business consultant and best-selling author, David McNally, is recognized as a leading authority on managing change, transcending adversity, and personal empowerment. In this keynote presentation, David blends powerful and inspiring insights from his trilogy of best-selling books, which include Even Eagles Need A Push, The Eagle’s Secret, and newly released, Mark Of An Eagle. He reveals the attitudes and behaviors we must embrace if we are to soar above the turbulence of our times and reach new heights of achievement.

Attendees of this dynamic session will leave with life-enhancing tools that will enable them to think and act in ways that will ensure they will not only survive disruption, they will know how to thrive. Life will no longer be about getting through, it will be about breaking through into new possibilities.

Outcome: The future will no longer appear uncertain—it will be unlimited!

“Thrivers constantly reinvent themselves—they are mentally agile and willing to risk.”           

The Eagle’s Secret by David McNally

Mark Of An Eagle—How Your Life Changes The World. Every person who has ever lived has left their mark on the world. But, leaving a mark is not a goal to be set—it is a result. It is the outcome of realizing the enormous potential that exists within you, the belief that there is a special purpose for your existence, the awareness that you share responsibility for what happens in our world, and the commitment to fully utilize your talents to create a rich and rewarding life.

There is an urgent need for those who are willing to take on that challenge, who are unwilling to settle for mere existence, and who understand that human progress is propelled by those who, by their actions and example, create a better world for all.

In this dynamic presentation, David McNally draws from his latest highly-acclaimed book—Mark Of An Eagle—to inspire and provide life-enhancing tools for people to fully engage in life by maximizing their contribution to their organization, their families, and to their communities. Participants will learn the key attitudes and behaviors that determine professional and personal success.

“You matter. Your mark matters. Use this knowledge as your compelling reason to get up in the morning to face the challenges of this world and create the life you want.”                     

Mark Of An Eagle by David McNally

Your Brand Matters—How To “Be” The Kind Of Leader Others Want To Follow. A strong corporate brand represents up to 70% of a company’s economic value. A strong leadership brand determines an individual’s value and is a key component of career success. Leadership is not about what we learn to do to others—it is about what we learn to be for others.

Strong leadership brands are built on actions not intentions! Strong leadership brands are the result of consistently making distinctive and relevant impressions on others. Leaders with strong brands have the power to influence and create extraordinary loyalty with others.

People follow leaders with strong brands. They inspire collaboration, creativity, and commitment. Leaders with strong brands are perceived as credible and trustworthy. Weak brands have minimal loyalty, are vulnerable, and easy targets for the competition.

In this inspiring presentation, David McNally, the author of the best-selling book—Be Your Own Brand—reveals the pillars upon which all strong brands are built and the characteristics that shape and determine others’ positive perceptions. Participants will learn how to build deep, enduring relationships with colleagues, customers and clients. They will leave with a clear strategy for standing out from the crowd.

“Building a strong leadership brand is one of the best investments you will ever make. The world needs strong brands. It respects them. It relies on them. If you can be one, we’ll all be the richer for it.”

Be Your Own Brand by David McNally and Karl Speak

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