Elizabeth Cohen, MPH

CNN Senior Medical Correspondent
Elizabeth Cohen, MPH
  • Nation’s patient advocate and a recognized authority on the movement for improved health care in the US
  • Reported on site for CNN during nearly every major medical story in recent history
  • Delivers an accurate and understandable explanation of health care reform and health communication

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An expert on patient empowerment, health care reform, and health communications, Elizabeth Cohen has been informing and educating audiences on CNN for more than 20 years. As the network’s senior medical correspondent and author of the national bestseller The Empowered Patient, Cohen has become the nation’s patient advocate and a recognized authority on the movement for improved health care in the United States.  

Cohen has reported on location for nearly every major medical story in recent history, including the West Virginia water contamination, the Boston marathon bombing, the Gabby Giffords shooting, the BP oil spill, the devastating earthquake in Haiti, Hurricane Katrina, and September 11th. She also reported on Obamacare from the White House and Capitol Hill and reported from the Supreme Court on major healthcare decisions.

Cohen’s passion on health care is born out of her own experiences, both good and bad, as a medical advocate for her children. She's received numerous awards, including a Sigma Delta Chi award for excellence in journalism from the Society of Professional Journalists, the Gracie award for outstanding correspondent, and the distinguished alumni award from Boston University, where she earned her master’s degree in public health. She earned her bachelor’s degree from Columbia College in New York City. Cohen lives in Atlanta with her husband and four daughters.

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Speaker Video

Elizabeth Cohen: The Empowered Patient

Future trends in healthcare. What will healthcare look like in the future? How will decision making shift between doctors, insurance companies, and patients? Elizabeth Cohen reveals that everything from a hospital stay to a check up will change in the future because of five trends: patient empowerment, technology, value-based billing, social media, and increased transparency for cost and outcomes. Cohen examines how these trends interact to affect both patients and providers - in fact, to seismically alter the way healthcare will be delivered and received.

Pleasing patients in the new health care world. What do patients want? This question becomes more important than ever under Obamacare, which financially rewards doctors and hospitals for making patients happy. Based on hundreds of interviews with Washington insiders, advocates, and patients, Elizabeth Cohen, author of The Empowered Patient, shows how pleasing patients can powerfully affect your bottom line. A 20-year veteran of CNN, Cohen hones in on the patient’s perception of care, highlighting which areas of quality and safety matter most.

The Empowered Patient. CNN Senior Medical Correspondent Elizabeth Cohen is passionate about helping doctors and patients navigate our imperfect medical system. Today, doctors are more rushed than ever, and nurses often have too many patients in their care, making medical errors more prevalent. Cohen, author of the The Empowered Patient and host of the show 25 Shocking Medical Mistakes, explains how patients can take control of their healthcare and become advocates for themselves and their family. Using her own personal stories as illustration, Cohen explains the basic skills needed for achieving the best medical care.

Women in the workplace: leaning in without falling down. Is it possible to lean into your career without having everything fall apart at home? Elizabeth Cohen, a 23-year CNN veteran and mother of four, says absolutely yes. While it isn't always easy, especially if you can't afford a full-time nanny and cook, Cohen uses her personal experience to show it's possible as long as you have realistic expectations both personally and professionally. Cohen shares her tricks for leaning in without falling down - one of which is to have a sense of humor when life seems overwhelming.

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