Gary Leboff

Expert Strategy Psychologist
Gary Leboff
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Gary Leboff is a unique figure in the world of coaching, applying psychological skills across the arenas of business, music and international sport.

In the field of business, Gary has worked with members of staff at all levels of the corporate hierarchy - from senior board members to factory workers. Helping clients understand the key drivers of business transformation, Gary isolates and resolves the underlying issues that prevent organizations realizing their true potential.

Gary has also developed a reputation as one of Europe’s premier Sports Psychologists. Footballing clients include members of 17 international squads while, in the world of golf, Gary has worked with PGA professionals on all the major European tours.

Gary Leboff has been working as a personal coach since 1998. His current client base extends significantly beyond the UK and includes many individuals from across the EU and beyond.

Gary also works with children aged 8-18 as well as opera singers and classical musicians attached to several of the UK’s leading orchestras.

Frequently appearing on TV and radio, Gary’s work came to public prominence on the BBC’s groundbreaking series ‘The Challenge’. His first book 'Dare' was published in 2006 and he has been threatening to write another one ever since.

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From The Dressing Room To The Boardroom. How to take the tools of world-class sport into business. Includes anecdotes from football, golf, cycling etc plus a variety of tools that can be applied to all areas of professional and personal development.

Resilience. The core of my work is helping clients become tough. Doing so requires both an understanding of the ways in which performance is undermined and techniques for personal transformation.

Areas covered include:

a. Dealing with Setbacks

b. Stress Management techniques

c. Negativity Bias – overcoming The Human Condition

d. Developing Powerful Belief Systems

The Secrets Of Winning. The world is divided in two. 0.1% of people live the life of their dreams. The other 99.9% help make them happen.

Dynamic, committed, successful people ARE different. They radiate a purpose, a sense of destiny, a certainty that enables them to shape their future. Great men and women bend the energy of the world to their will.

How do they do it? Gary Leboff has worked with many such individuals across the arenas of business and sport. Gary describes the subconscious tools employed by high-performing individuals, pinpointing the key characteristics of those who structure lives that are truly unique.

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