Gene Epstein

Barron's Economics Editor and Former Chief Economist for the New York Stock Exchange
Gene Epstein
  • Former senior economist at the New York Times Stock Exchange
  • Taught economics at St. John’s University and the City University of New York
  • Boils down complex economic topics into easy-to-understand principles
  • Pushes past the spin of everyday media to untangle the state of the US economy

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Gene Epstein has been Barron’s Economics Editor since 1993 and writes the column, “Economic Beat” – his responsibility to this day. He has also been the Barron’s Book Review Editor since October, 2010. Epstein has appeared on National Public Radio, CNBC, CNN, BBC TV, and FOX, and has delivered talks at Columbia University in New York, the Ark Hills Club and the International House in Tokyo, Loyola University in Baltimore, Universidad Francisco Morroquin in Guatemala City, the Romanian-American University in Bucharest, and FreedomFest in Las Vegas.

His book, ECONOSPINNING: How to Read Between the Lines When the Media Manipulate the Numbers, was published in August, 2006 by John Whiley, and is still available in print and in a Kindle edition. Assuming no prior knowledge on the reader’s part, each chapter of ECONOSPINNING is structured around fairly simple propositions about the economy or about specific economic data; from tracking employment numbers to measuring corporate profitability, that are often contrasted with the distortions of today’s media coverage. Epstein has won much appraisal on Wall Street for his straightforward approach to dissecting the truth from everyday media publications and broadcasts, and has been further noted for his work in ECONOSPINNING.

A strong speaker, Epstein captures his audiences with his honest and eye-opening approach to the stories that are spun by everyday media. A former senior economist at the New York Stock Exchange, Epstein graduated with a BA from Brandeis and went on to continue at the New School where he earned his MA in Economics. Epstein has also taught economics at St. John’s University and the City University of New York.

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